“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

— Phil Jackson, President, New York Knicks


The Griffin Partnership has carefully chosen the best companies in their respective fields with which to work. Our goal is to harness the latest technology to improve both the candidate and client experience. 

Automated Reference Checking


The Griffin Partnership performs online reference checks via Checkster as part of our recruiting process. The questions which may be asked of a reference may be tailored for the specific job. This confidential process increases the:

  • Number of references
  • Reliability of the feedback  gathered about a  candidate's performance and cultural fit
  • Ability to hire a quality candidate.

Hire A Veteran


We are proud to partner with Hero 2 Hired which provides access to national guardspersons and reservists and their wives. The national guardsperson and reservists have background checks and security clearances. 

Skills Assessments


Prove It! offers over 1,500 validated assessments in a variety of different fields and skill sets.

Video Interviewing


Spark Hire provides live or pre-recorded video interviews so that you can review a candidate at any time. 

Pre-Employment ASSESSMENTS


Caliper has a variety of assessments to aid in identifying high performers who will succeed on the job.  TGP will consult with you to determine the appropriate tool to use.

Employee Discount Programs


Working Advantage is offered to employers/clients of The Griffin Partnership at no charge. This members-only savings portal provides employees with entertainment and shopping discounts throughout the U.S.