"People are NOT your most important asset. The right people are."

— Jim Collins, Author, Good to Great

Talent Acquisition

What is Talent Acquisition?

Talent Acquisition is one of the key components of a successful business.  Regardless of your market or industry, the people whom you hire will reflect the values and culture of your company.  The quality of your products, services, and customer relationships is a direct result of the quality of your workforce.  Talent Acquisition is the process of recruiting the right people to build that workforce.

An Effective Talent Acquisition Process Reduces Cost

Hiring the wrong person can raise your expenses significantly.  When you assess the funds spent hiring, training, and losing productivity, the worth of a proficient employee is great. Our insight can help you reduce these costs by introducing you to the right candidates.  We are experts at finding your ideal candidate.

At The Griffin Partnership, we identify the requirements for your open position and refer the top candidates whose skills and abilities match your specific needs.  Our approach includes full-life cycle recruiting solutions to help you streamline your HR recruitment needs. We use lean manufacturing concepts to reduce the time it takes to fill positions.  This reduces costs for our clients.

An Effective Talent Acquisition Process Saves Time

Spend your valuable time conducting interviews with high quality candidates.  Our proactive approach to recruiting actively targets your ideal candidate. We go beyond job boards to find exceptional candidates who are not actively seeking a new position.  The result is a remarkable group of individuals who are ready for you to interview.

An Effective Talent Acquisition Process Improves Workplace Performance

When you trust the Griffin Partnership to find top candidates for your company, you will hire employees who are a great match for your company. We go beyond numbers and data to understand your workplace and its culture before recruiting.  This approach leads to an engaged and productive workforce that stays on the job and performs well. 

Talent Acquisition as an Investment

Recruitment requires the investment of time and money to identify a pool of qualified candidates.  The American Management Association estimates that it costs 30% of an employee's salary to find a replacement.   If a match is found, you will receive a better return on your investment through retention.  Finding the right employee will improve your bottom line. 

Customized Talent Acquisition Techniques

The Griffin Partnership consults with clients to understand their specific challenges and goals.  Our investment in client relationships gives us the unique perspective needed to meet those goals.  We identify a diverse and talented pool of candidates to build the foundation for a productive workforce.

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